My Therapeutic Approach

I am an accredited member of The Irish Association of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) and a member of The Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP).

Having separately qualified as a certified Trainer in Adult Education, I always look to incorporate positive action focused therapeutic practices working with you to provide you with the tools and techniques to support you on your journey, and improve your mental fitness.

From my practice as a Therapist and Counsellor I understand that each person is facing a unique situation. It’s really important at the outset to understand your needs, adapting my approach to meet those.

A tailored approach…

You may only need short term crisis or event related counselling, while at other times you may be seeking longer term supportive counselling.

My approach is to work with you to tailor the most suitable approach, actions, and programs to your personal situation.  

I particularly work to support you to manage your responses to adverse events, using mindfulness based practices, to develop greater resilience. 

I often work with people dealing with anxiety, stress, trauma, loss, grief, depression, life events, bullying, worry, negative thought spirals, compulsions, relationship issues, and event related crises.

It’s important to recognise these can occur in Personal, Family, and Professional Lives and while they may not be connected they are not mutually exclusive, and what effects one part of your life can put strain on another.

Areas of interest…

I have over 14 years experience in the corporate sector, which I’ve combined most recently with my psychotherapy practice.

I’ve worked with a diverse range of organisations, non-profits, academic institutions, consultancy, investments, insurance firms, and most recently with a digital health and innovation company.

My broad experience from administration, event management, overseeing departments, and working directly with C-suite executives gives me a unique understanding of the challenges faced by many across different career and life stages. 

I enjoy working with and supporting people from across diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, and throughout the different life stages: young adults, emerging adults, adults, and elder adults.


I am currently providing Online and Telephone Therapy.

If you would like to connect or are seeking therapy, please get in contact by email at